Nie za często nosze sukienki. Idę na łatwiznę, stawiam na wygodę i wybieram spodnie. Ostatnio to sukienki chcę nosić częściej. Częściej je kupuje i mam ich w szafie coraz więcej. Przyczyną tego stanu rzeczy są piękne kreacje, których w wielu sklepach jest pod dostatkiem. Inna sprawa, że kilka sporo sukienek w ostatnim czasie trafiło do mojej szafy. Jeszcze inna kwestia to ta, która powinna być wspomniana jako pierwsza, mam ochotę wyglądać kobieco. Dojrzewam. Obym była jak wino im starsza tym lepsza. 

| sukienka - TUTAJ | buty - DIY |


Not too often I wear dresses. I prefer easy ways, pick the comfort and choose pants. Last is the dress I want to wear often. More often they buy them and have them in the closet more. The reason for this state of affairs are beautiful creations that many stores are plentiful. Another thing that a lot of dresses couple recently went to my closet. Yet another issue is one that should be mentioned first, I want to look feminine. I grow up. I wish I was like wine - the older the better. Staying in the subject line of dresses is one of the recently acquired made a huge impression on me. When I saw photos of her knew that it must be mine. Beautiful pattern, length, color - perfect one. He immediately caught my eye. I ordered. Eagerly I am waiting for the courier, but did not expect that after opening the package this dress becomes my favorite. You can get it hereIt's amazing. We have tried to show in the pictures how beauty this dress is, but trust me live is even more beautiful. What is important for us women, is impressive. You do not go in there unnoticed. All eyes turned in my direction. Compliments add strength and confidence, so you want to choose the clothes in which we feel good and look beautiful. You can denied when you hear comliments you feel good. I understand you, I have the same. Some of you will now probably wondering where you can buy such beautiful creations. I rose to its beauty ordered at the online shop I assure you that this is just one of the many beautiful things they have. It would be best to themselves convinced by looking at their website. Watching costs nothing, but... If you have decided to purchase it, you can use the promotion code. Use SIKalina142 on and get on orders over $ 50 receive a $ 5 discount. Never enought of beautiful things.

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Zdjęcia: Kellys Vision | Edycja: Kalina

5 komentarzy:

  1. ładna sukienka

  2. Bardzo fajna sukienka! Świetnie wyglądasz :)


  3. Pięknie wyglądasz, jak zawsze !

  4. zaskoczyła mnie (pozytywnie) dlugosć sukienki! Jest piękna, niebanalna, cudowna!! ;)